Adult Polo

We love this game & want to share it! What’s stopping you from getting in the pool with us? You can’t use ‘Davy Jones Locker’ as an excuse, and no one is going to call you a scallywag either.

Adult polo is held Wednesday evenings. The beginner group is in the water from 7:30 to 9:00 PM. This group is coached and is ideal for adults new to the sport or are interested in learning more about it (ahem, parents!). The masters group is in the water at 7:30 PM as well, but goes until 9:30 PM. This group brings together previous players and offers them the use of water polo equipment. Former swimmers often fit in well too! There is no coach and is a great opportunity to pass around the ball & take a few shots on net. (Wings taste better after you’ve earned them!)

If there is enough interest from all clubs, Water Polo Sask offers adult play at provincials in December and March. These games are about participation and previous players are reminded to tone it down a notch. Sometimes they ‘splice the mainbrace.’