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What Saskatoon Water Polo Athletes Are Saying:

“Water polo’s my favourite sport!” -Pirate Leo Boutin

“It’s fun and there’s lots of passing opportunities. And it’s a strong community and there’s lots of friends to hang out with. I like getting shooting opportunities and passing and scoring. It’s fun. Everybody’s so nice around here.” -Pirate Skylar Hamal

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Why Saskatoon Water Polo?

As a parent, you’re busy. We get that. One reason our club is a favorable option for families: siblings can be in the pool at the same time. Your 11 and 14 year old’s will have the same practice schedule. (Imagine having provincial tournaments on the same weekend too!) You can drop them off at the front door, and by the time you park, head in & your 8 year old gets ready, it’s almost time for ‘I Love Water Polo’ to start. Parents can watch from the stands, maybe bring a book or visit with other parents, workout at the Hamm Fitness Centre, or go runs errands at nearby Blairmore Center.

Another reason: our current schedule allows athletes to do other activities. The practice schedule is set for the year. Water Polo Saskatchewan usually announces their league events and tournament schedule in early October. League events are usually once a month and provincials are held in December and late March/early April. There’s still time in the week to fit in music lessons, or even another sport!

The knowledge and skills your child has learned in other sports can transfer over to water polo. Children who have played soccer and basketball are already familiar with spacing and how a ball is passed around. What your child does in the pool with us, can transfer to other sports too. The same sudden burst of leg power that your child uses to try and lift themselves out of the water to block a shot, will help them run bases come spring time.

The 50m Olympic class pool at the Shaw Centre is the best high performance aquatic center in the province. Our athletes are proud to call it their home! Water Polo Saskatchewan frequently hosts provincials at the Shaw Centre. Sometimes there are three games going all at once!

Water Polo Saskatchewan

Water Polo Saskatchewan is the governing body for water polo in Saskatchewan. They provide us with coaching support and opportunities for athlete development. You can learn more about WPS by clicking on their logo in the footer below.)

TeamSask has a proven track record. Many athletes go on to play in the NCAA and represent Canada on age group national teams and on the international stage. Drinkwater native, Robin Randall, played in the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

“There’s no right way. There’s no wrong way, either. There are no rules and no one knows what they’re doing. That might not sound inspired or inspiring, but what you have to realize is that if there’s no right way and no rules and no one knows what they’re doing, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO. Your dreams are your reality to make. Don’t follow the rules. Don’t be a product of your environment. Make your environment a product of you. -Robin Randall

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