Play Like a Pirate!

Aye, we swim, but no one joins water polo just to swim. Our program offers so much more! Athletes improve their swimming skills, cardiovascular fitness, eye hand coordination and game sense!

Dribbling doesn’t just happen on the basketball court or soccer pitch. We dribble the ball up the pool doing head up front crawl. It becomes second nature pretty quickly. Don’t believe it? Come try.

We scrimmage during practice, but the real excitement happens at Water Polo Sask provincial league & provincial events. These events give our athletes the opportunity to play games against athletes of similar age and skill from Regina, Estevan & Weyburn.

Athletes are eligible for TeamSask. You can learn more about TeamSask program at

Practices are two times a week at the Shaw Centre: Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Athletes are divided up based on age: 13U and 14 & up.

All Hand Hoy! Get on deck with us! Become a Pirate today!